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FVA is accepting applications for the 2017-18 School Year!

After applying to the Fayetteville Virtual Academy, parents will be contacted via the email address that they have provided on their child(ren)'s application. Applications will continue to be accepted until February 27th. If the number of applications exceed 225, a lottery will be held on March 1, 2017. If more than 225 applications are not received, FVA will continue accepting applications.

After March 1st, parents will receive an email confirming their child(ren)'s acceptance.
In the confirmation email, applicants will be given the enrollment procedures and directions for completing the process. If after the enrollment deadline, applicants have not completed the enrollment process, they will be contacted by an FVA representative up to three times to confirm their intent. If no contact is made within those three attempts, the applicant's space will reopen and become available for applicants on the waiting list in the order that their applications were received. 

Parents and students will notified of mandatory parent meetings, student orientation, and other necessary informative sessions. 
Once students have successfully enrolled in the Fayetteville Virtual Academy, they will be accepted the following year and each year after. They will not be subjected to reapplying unless they drop before the end of a year. Current FVA students' siblings and children of the FVA staff will be accepted, as well. The remainder of the available spots will be open to new applicants. If there are more new applicants than FVA has space for, the openings will be filled by conducting an anonymous, random lottery on a set date. If the number of applicants is fewer than the number of spaces available, applicants will be accepted in the order that their applications are received.

Students are not required to reside within the Fayetteville School District to apply to the Fayetteville Virtual Academy. 

Students living outside the Fayetteville School District who are accepted into the Academy will have to successfully complete the School Choice Process in order to enroll. (For more information on School Choice, please call 479-973-8676). 

The application only applies to students completing 4 or more online courses through FVA.

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