About Us

W E L C O M E to online learning with FAYETTEVILLE VIRTUAL ACADEMY!

An Exciting New Opportunity for Students in Northwest Arkansas!

Fayetteville Virtual Academy is the first online charter school in Arkansas operated by a public school district for students in grades 4-8 who require accelerated learning, greater flexibility, or opportunity to overcome challenging personal circumstances.  

Teachers and parents will create the Personalized Learning Plans designed to encompass foundational learning, core content learning and advanced placement learning. The PLP culminates with a college and career portfolio that reflects: academic pursuits, field experiences, college and career visits, assessments, and areas of specialization. The PLP will include records of ACT Aspire, ACT/SAT tests, AP Tests, and college and career interest inventories.


Our school was founded in the spring of 2016, and is a school within the Fayetteville Public School District. We blend innovative instructional technology with a traditional curriculum for students across our city and state. Whether you are taking one course or several, we want each and every one of you to have a phenomenal experience.


Our unique learning model includes many benefits such as a rigorous and comprehensive research-based curriculum, the flexibility of learning anytime, the support of certified instructors, and a Personalized Learning Plan that prepares students to meet their educational, college, and career goals.  This challenging and engaging curriculum was developed by renowned learning experts, instructors, and instructional designers.This program requires a partnership between our instructors, administration, school districts, and our dedicated families. Communication is essential to your student’s achievement. Again, we want to personally welcome you to the FVA family! We look forward to serving your educational needs.  

V I S I O N 

Our vision is to create a k-12 school that is highly regarded for its academic excellence; where students are empowered to connect and contribute to their local and global communities. 

M I S S I O N 

The mission of FVA is to make truly, personalized learning accessible to all students and build on their individual strengths and interests.


FVA is a full-time, online school where students complete their core courses (English Language Arts, math, science, and social studies) online with options to enroll in online electives or attend one of the FPS secondary schools for face-to-face electives and/or to compete on FPS teams, like choir, football, band, basketball, cheer, and orchestra.

Fayetteville Virtual Academy is a great option for students who want:

* A flexible schedule
* A digital learning experience
* A self-paced curriculum

schedThis could include, but is not limited to students who are:

· Homeschooled
· Homebound due to health reasons
· Accelerated· Unable to attend school all-day
· Anxious about attending a brick-and-mortar school
· Traveling a lot
· Specializing in an area and need extra time for practice (i.e., performing arts, sports, visual arts, etc.)