Fayetteville Virtual Academy offers a wide range of virtual courses for students who are interested in full-time and part-time options. Some of the virtual elective courses are also offered to students at Fayetteville High School. FVA Students have the flexibility to complete their courses in the comfort of their own homes or where ever they choose to work, like the library, at a coffee shop, or on the road. FVA's virtual courses are perfect for students who are ready to take control of their own learning.

High School Enrollment Options


- All 7 courses taken online
- FVA advisory group.

To enroll full-time:
- complete an online application
- complete the CAP Process at FVA


- 4-6 courses taken online
- FVA advisory
- 1-3 FHS courses

To enroll part-time:
- complete an online application
- complete the CAP Process at FVA



- FHS students can enroll in 1 - 3 virtual courses.

To enroll:
- complete the CAP Process at FHS

Graduation & Diploma Information

To graduate from Fayetteville Virtual Academy, a student must earn a minimum of twenty-four (24) credits. Credits are earned at the rate of 0.5 credits per class per semester. Advisory classes are non-credit bearing periods. Teacher Aide periods are also non-credit bearing. SMART CORE graduation requirements were developed by the Arkansas Department of Education to prepare students for college and other post-secondary educational opportunities. Learn More

High School Courses

Courses for FVA Students

FVA Courses
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Courses for ALL FPS Students
FVA Elective Courses

FHS Courses for ALL FPS Students
Fayetteville High School
 Fayetteville High School 2019-20 CAP Book 
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