Why choose Fayetteville Virtual Academy over other online schools?
Fayetteville Virtual Academy utilizes a blended approach to online learning by providing a web-based curriculum along with the availability of teachers on-site. FVA employs all local, highly-qualified teachers who are certified in the state of Arkansas.

Additionally, as part of the Fayetteville School District, FVA follows the FPS traditional school calendar ensuring that students complete their courses on time and stay on track for graduation. Because of these factors, we are able to provide a personal touch and special opportunities, such as field trips, tutoring, in-person connections through the school learning labs, and special events. We also offer a large variety of courses from multiple sources, creating unique opportunities for students.

How do I enroll at Fayetteville Virtual Academy?
Apply Here. Students/parents should complete the FVA application.  Registration is open year-round.

My family does not live in the Fayetteville School District. Can my child enroll at FVA?
If you reside in another school district and plan to enroll at FVA for the upcoming school year, you may complete a School Choice application by May 1st of the current school year.
After the May 1st deadline, you must complete a Petition for Transfer form and send to your residential school district. Once approved, it will be forwarded to the Fayetteville District. Once approved, you will be contacted by FVA to schedule an enrollment appointment.

What does a typical school day look like for my student?
FVA provides students the flexibility to schedule the school day based on their unique and individual needs. Students are not required to attend school since all of their coursework is provided online. However, students may choose to attend guided study sessions at FVA. We recommend that students establish their own ‘school’ schedule and routines. Attendance /online activity is monitored by the advisor to ensure students are staying on pace.

What if my student needs help with his/her coursework?
If a student needs additional instruction, he/she may schedule a face-to-face or video conference appointment with his/her teacher. In addition, teachers have open appointments during guided study sessions.

What is guided study?
Guided study is a time that students can come on campus to complete school work. Teachers are available during this time if needed. Some students attend guided study because they prefer to learn in a “school environment” while having the flexibility to work at their own pace. Sessions are open to students 3 days a week (Tuesday - Thursday) from 8:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

What kind of socialization opportunities are available?
Middle schools students (grades 4 - 8) have a variety of socialization opportunities provided to them every week. There is a 30 minute break during guided study that gives the students the opportunity to socialize with peers. On Tuesday and Thursdays from 12:00 - 1:00 p.m., students may participate in club activities that are focused on science, the arts and games. We also offer amazing weekly field experiences and monthly community service projects. Visit our Field Experience page for more information.
High school students also participate in our monthly community service projects and club activities that include Student Council, Girls Crew, and Mu Alpha Theta. FVA students have access to attend all FHS dances, games and events.

Can my high school student take a course at Fayetteville High School?
Yes. FVA students can take up to 3 elective courses at FHS.

Does my child have to log in at a specific time?
No. Every online course has a pacing calendar that outlines tentative assignment due dates. As long as your child stays on pace and completes work each week, there is not a specific amount of time or day that they must be online. Students should expect to spend approximately one hour per course, per school day to stay on pace.

Can my child work on the weekends?
Yes. One of the benefits of taking online classes is that students can work during non-traditional school hours such as evenings and weekends.

Can my child finish the class early?
Yes. Another benefit of taking online classes is that students can work ahead of schedule and finish classes early.

Can my child earned concurrent credit for college?
Yes, FVA has partnered with Northwest Arkansas Community College to provide high school students the opportunity to earn dual credit for high school and college. In addition, eligible students may pursue an Associates Degree during their high school career as part of NWACC’s Early College Experience program.
Advanced Placement (AP) courses are also available.

Can my child still participate in sports, school activities, etc.?
Yes, full-time Fayetteville Virtual Academy students can participate in all sports and school activities through Fayetteville School District.

Is there a graduation ceremony?
Yes, one graduation ceremony is held for all graduating seniors who attend school in the Fayetteville School District.

How often do I need to make contact with my child’s online teacher(s)?
You will have contact with your child’s online teacher(s) at least once a month to discuss your student’s progress. You can contact the online teacher(s) at any time with questions.

Our family will be out of town for a period of time. Can students work on their online classes out of state or the country?
Yes. As long as a student has a computer and internet access they can continue to work in their online classes wherever they are.

What are some challenges I might expect with my child taking online classes?
With online classes, students, with the help of their parents/guardians, must make a greater effort to stay organized, create a schedule, manage their time, and work towards staying on pace. Parents/guardians are expected to monitor student grades and progress through the parent account.

What are some positive changes that I might see in my child as a result of them taking online classes?
Students have to opportunity to develop skills related to organization and time management, develop a sense of responsibility, as well as take charge of their own learning.

What do we do if we have technical issues?
If technical issues arise, your child’s online teacher(s) will be there for initial support. You will also have access to a technical support team if the issue extends beyond the teacher’s ability.

What if my child starts an online class and discovers that this style of learning is not right for them?
Online learning may not be for everyone. A student can drop an online class within the first 10 days of the semester.
If a family determines that FVA is not the appropriate school for their student, the student may transfer to another Fayetteville school within the first quarter of each semester. The student, parents/guardians, and teachers work together to make this decision. Ultimately, we want to make sure that students are placed in a learning environment that is right for them.